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Building Facts

September 10, 2014: Don Tanguay-President, Jim Wardlaw-Dir. Marketing & Bus. Dev., Dennis Ball-Dir. of Operations

     For more than 100 years, construction documentation has been limited to the archaic process of collecting paper documents, physically editing them from memory (called "redlining") and storage for future reference.  This process is often unreliable, inaccurate and inaccessible. It's time to bring construction documentation into the 21st Century.

     Founded in 2010, BuildingFacts  is an interactive, cloud-based construction documentation service that holds and protects critical building information.  The service utilizes annotated, 360ยบ panoramic photography and "hot spot" links to appliance specifications, finishes, maintenance schedules, warranty/service information and construction documentation to create a robust, interactive, easy-access archive of critical building intelligence.

     BuildingFacts serves a wide range of business segments and project stakeholders during and after the construction cycle.  Whether a building owner looking to organize and archive important information; a General Contractor hoping to improve communication and save time; or an insurance carrier interested in reducing risk exposure, BuildingFacts provides a reliable, accurate and accessible means of capturing and documenting construction progress.

     BuildingFacts has achieved significant growth in 2014 (revenue projected at $300,000) and 2015 sales are projected to be just over $1,000,000. With non-residential construction markets rebounding and aging construction management expertise looking to leverage their knowledge in new, physically less challenging opportunities, the timing is right for the national rollout of an enhanced technology platform and the active recruitment of licensees.

     As one BuildingFacts customer recently said, "This new approach will revolutionize the industry, and become THE building management standard."


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