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November 12, 2014:James Andrix, CTO, Victor Konshin, CTO, Jessica Hyejin Lee, CEO

     HandStack is a volunteer coordinating platform that enables local people and organizations to connect and work together. Many organizations lose momentum because they can't coordinate existing volunteers or recruit new volunteers efficiently. Statistics show that organizations in the US lose $38 Billion in volunteer labor every year due to volunteer mismanagement.  HandStack solves this problem.

    HandStack is a web and mobile platform that enables anyone to turn neighborhoods into a volunteer base.  HandStack combines group task management with geolocation to help organizations coordinate local people and to help users get involved in local events. With HandStack, anyone in the area can see exactly what tasks need to be done for an organization. Users can volunteer with a click of a button and collaborate instantly.

     HandStack was founded at the Buffalo StartUp Weekend in October 2013, and has 80 beta testing organizations in US, Canada, Australia, Hungary, and Peru. These include nonprofits, political campaigns, schools, religious institutions, business incubators, and festivals. The management team has expertise and network in community organizations, nonprofits, and politics, as well as 10+ years of sales experience and 30+ years of engineering experience. For more information, please visit .



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