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Trend Trunk

November 12, 2014: Sean Snyder, Founder

     Too many clothes & nothing to wear! Consumers never wear 80% of their wardrobe & studies show there's $6000+ of resale value in a consumer's closet, a $100 billion CDN market / $1 trillion USA market.  Trend Trunk, is Canada's leading fashion marketplace and an award winning company.  The app & web-based platform enables consumers & brands to buy/sell/donate clothing in a fun, simple, social and secure way.  Using its existing infrastructure, Trend Trunk will enter the U.S. market in Q1 2015.  Trend Trunk is a better alternative for consumers than current options in the marketplace;

1. Ebay - complicated.  Trend Trunk enables Sellers to easily post items in less than 60 seconds and has automated and simplified the shipping process for a Seller to get the item to the Buyer.

2. Craigslist - creepy.  100% of women surveyed do NOT want to meet with strangers when selling items in a marketplace.  Trend Trunk manages the payment and shipping and provides ratings and feedback scores, thus providing a safe environment.

3. Consignment stores - costly & complicated.  Consignment stores typically take up to 60% of the sale compared to 20% retained by Trend Trunk.

4. Donation Bins - costly.  Charities only receive approximately 10 cents/lb from clothing put in donation bins. Trend Trunk Sellers can donate up to 100% of their net sale proceeds to any charity and may receive a tax receipt for the donation.

     Trend Trunk has doubled revenue from 2013 to 2014 (revenue projected at $300,000) and 2015 sales are projected to be just over $1,500,000.  The company has the foundation and team to become a world class company.  Sean Snyder, Founder, has over 15 years entrepreneurial experience and grew his first start-up Preferred One (acquired 2010) from $0 to $40 million/year in sales within 5 years and built a 30-member team.


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