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Heads Up Display Inc.

March 11, 2015: Brendon Dever & Clark Dever, Co-founders

     Heads Up Display Inc. is creating wearable sensor systems for workers. Their mission is to save lives and increase productivity.

     Heads Up is a simple wearable display for data driven decisions. The ruggedized device attaches to any form of eye protection, integrating with sensors and software to solve safety and communication issues on the front lines of heavy industry. Similar to a traffic light; the device's simple display delivers mission critical information to workers in real-time while still allowing them to maintain their situational awareness.

     Heads Up's cloud based infrastructure provides two-way communication between workers and operational software, enabling remote recording of sensor readings and notifications across their platform. Their software seamlessly provides data analysis and reporting tools to workers and their companies. The simplicity of the Heads Up device and platform eases implementation and speeds their clients' return on investment. 

     The Heads Up team consists of experienced researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Through the past two years of development, they have built relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and industry leaders. The team is proud to announce the launch of their pilot program.  Visit for more information.


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