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Rachel's Remedies, LLC

November 4, 2015: Rachel Jackson, President

     Rachel's Remedies, LLC is a medical device company specializing in women's health. Rachel's Remedy is the first and only FDA-cleared wearable moist-heat or cooling therapy that allows nursing mothers to treat their breastfeeding conditions conveniently, discreetly and effectively.  Rachel's Remedy delivers moist heat through patent-pending technology that consists of a waterproof pouch, a microwave or freezer safe flaxseed filled pillow and a removable moistening cloth.

     Breastfed babies have 1/3 the medical expenses to that of formula-fed babies, yet, only 16% of women continue breastfeeding for the physician recommended time.  A majority of women quit breastfeeding due to common and painful conditions that Rachel's Remedy relieves and prevents. Rachel's Remedy slips inside any bra, and gives breastfeeding women the freedom to treat their conditions hands-free while keeping their clothes dry, a solution that did not exist in the market.

     Rachel's Remedy received FDA-clearance in May, 2015, received insurance coding verification shortly thereafter, and is sold in 16 stores and pharmacies nationally. The market for Rachel's Remedy includes all breastfeeding women, which is a growing and recurring annual market. There are numerous applications for the technology that the Company intends to pursue which will provide additional and larger market opportunities. Visit for more information.


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