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November 4, 2015: Jenny Tcharnaia, Co-Founder & CFO

     triMirror has the first real-time solution that allows the try-on of real clothes on real-dimensioned and highly customizable avatar bodies.  The user may see where the garment is tight or loose, where it juts out or sags down, and how it behaves when the user moves around in various ways.  Users can even manipulate the fabric with a finger. triMirror uses proprietary algorithms to create high-poly garment models using their CAD pattern designs to create body-accurate avatars and to physically simulate the cloth using the world's first and only real-time animation and fitting.

     triMirror, a winner of the 2014 43North business idea competition, has been implemented on the web and , on tablets and phones , in-store with gesture control , and as a 3D designer tool .

     triMirror is creating an advanced 3D Designer software for one of its clients, Italy-based Morgan Tecnica.  Morgan's clients (including Diesel, Adidas, and Calzedonia) are demanding a 3D designer solution (showing that the industry is ready) and they judged triMirror to be the best.  By integrating into these brands' supply chains from the design stage, triMirror is creating a 3D clothing catalogue that can then be tried on by the end consumer.  Another client, Fancybetch, licenses the triMirror online virtual fitting room.  triMirror clients and partners include Walden Galleria, Microsoft, Guess, and Gap, who partnered with triMirror for an event in August 2015.


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