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Infonaut, Inc.

Thomas P. Quinn, President & CEO and NIall Wallace, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

    Infonaut, $250,000 winners of the 43North 2016 business idea competition, solves the global challenge of deadly hospital infections through a proprietary real-time surveillance, analytics and behavior improvement platform.

    Infonaut is targeting the $82B (in 2020) global market for infection prevention and control within hospitals, who are increasingly subject to massive payor and government penalties for reportable infections.  Infonaut's revenue is initially generated from its performance-based outcome model. There is minimal upfront cost to the hospital. Infonaut gets paid a % of recognized direct costs saved from infection reduction, as measured against the historical rates of the hospital. Future revenue will be generated from managed service contracts with hospitals and insurers.

    The management team and board has deep expertise leading healthcare IT companies from early stage to exit by leveraging technology for competitive advantage. In the last year Infonaut has established its US beachhead and secured outstanding outcomes, including a 40% infection case reduction. 

    Infonaut has been responsible for leading research in infection transmission and behaviour measurement, having been published in international scholarly journals, and continues to engage in knowledge development and grant funded research through a variety of international partnerships with universities and partners. 

     Infonaut currently acquires customers primarily through direct sales with an expected $250k annually per hospital, is generating revenue from its first US hospital client and projects to have 3 US hospitals under contract by June 2016. See for more information.


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