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GCLIProw, Inc.

March 9, 2016: Gerald Strickland Jr., President

     Founded in 2013, GCLIProw created a system to enhance a rower's competitive advantage.  With the Patented Quick Release Rowing Shoe System by GCLIProw, rowers can eliminate the problems posed by existing illā€fitting, unhygienic rower's shoes. Transferring all of ones energies during the Drive portion of the stroke to the water is what propels the shell. The existing system of shoes are not a stable platform to properly transfer this energy.  They waste energies with improper foot movement.  GCLIProw's system is a universal mount system that can be adapted into any shell, providing a simplistic and affordable solution to the current problem.

     GCLIP has recently fabricated its system to fit onto an exercise machine called an erg machine, which occupies an important portion of every rowing club.  These machines provide validity to a rower's stroke through an elapsed time.  The company's first trial proved record breaking for the specific individual, validating GCLIP's competitive advantage.

     To date GCLIProw has completed all Beta testing and is on the edge of production into the market. The cleat assembly portion of the GCLIProw system is locally fabricated and the company is working diligently with a Batavia shoe company to bring the shoe production back here as well.

     The company projects the total potential market to be $360 million.  GCLIProw has shown its product to several clubs and displayed at major regattas and received positive response.  The company is now positioned to launch its sales and marketing activities.  Visit for more information.


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