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May 11, 2016: Courtney Cole, Founder/CEO

     Launched in 2013, the ForaHealthyMe platform delivers a suite of cost-effective virtual care applications that extends service beyond the walls of a health facility and into the community and advances person-centered & self-managed health.  The patient-centered care platform includes personal video conference tools for secure physician to patient consultations, and also applications for health care provider-led virtual classrooms.These video-based applications are designed to help institutions improve the quality of care, realize cost savings and increase patient engagement.

    Being diagnosed with a life-changing condition has an effect on a patient's ability to function physically, socially & psychologically. Across the continuum of care, chronic impairment results in admissions to acute care facilities, poor quality of life, high health care utilization & costs.  The ForaHealthyMe value proposition is built on delivering care for both the physical and mental health aspects of a patient's care.

     Against the background of the increasing prevalence of diagnosable mental illness on North American university campuses, the company is deploying software applications to support behavioral health solutions among university students.  The virtual tools will help students at York University adopt mental health-promoting behaviors while awaiting clinical counselling and/or psychiatric services. The tools include key elements of online assessments for Stress, Anxiety & Depression, peer-to-peer online support groups, live video-based session with a clinical psychologist and e-education mindfulness-based self-help modules.

     As one of 10 high potential Canadian companies selected for the Canadian Technology Accelerator program, the company has gained significant traction with a range of payers & providers in Philadelphia and Nevada.  For information, contact [email protected] or visit .


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