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Pointii, Inc.

November 2, 2016: Lawrence Forte III, VP of Client Services

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Mostly everyone is asked this question in high school. The answer helps us determine what college to attend, what classes to excel in, or trainings or certifications to prepare for upon graduation. How will we ever know? And who will help us find out? Pointii has the answer.

     Students need career experience in professions that match their skill sets and interests. However, school counselors are simply too overwhelmed and don't have the contacts within the community to provide each single student with opportunities to help them find their career aspirations. Most times, students are asked to make cold calls and very few ever do. Pointii provides counselors with an online platform that connects their students to local professionals who are available for informational interviews, mentorship, experiential tours, and internships. With Pointii, not only are students matched to industry experts, but counselors are given a dashboard that displays student recommendation count, number of student career experiences, feedback from professionals (after career experiences), and data on student soft skill assessments.

    So far, Pointii has piloted twelve schools and converted all to customers the following school year. Since its launch last October 2015, Pointii has almost 6000 students and counselors from Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse successfully using the platform. Visit to learn more!


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