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January 11, 2017: Chris Miano, Co-founder

    Despite technological advances enabling cloud collaboration and file preservation, no service exists to enable people to collect, store, and share family memories with the unique vibrancy of storytelling. Everyone can think of a person that they wish they had known more about before they passed or were lost to dementia.  Imagine being able to listen to stories told by first generation immigrant ancestors about their experience of moving to America.  That opportunity may have passed but we all have people living in our families who are veterans, parents, teachers, activists, builders, and inventors who shaped our history and laid the foundation for our future. MemoryFox is positioned to provide a novel solution to this problem, harnessing the SaaS business model and cloud technology to help people record, store and share family stories.

     Storytelling has been the means of transferring wisdom and experience since the beginning of time.  Despite this, current products such as are focused on document discovery and DNA mapping, leaving out the richness of storytelling.  Social media sites such as Facebook connect people like never before but are cluttered and lack privacy.

     MemoryFox is solely committed to helping people digitally curate the story of their family in a richer way than has been possible before. The Company is currently beta testing its working prototype with over 100 users and is seeking seed-level funding to build version 1.0.  Please visit for more info!


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