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Walkabout Collaborative LLC

January 11, 2017: Brad Richardson, CEO

 Nearly 25% of the U.S. workforce teleworks 2-3 days a week, this is expected to grow to 50% by 2020.  Most often businesses are not providing the right combination of technology resources that take the best of the old ways of working in person and the new ways of working with mobility and technology to create a tech-enabled workforce.

     Walkabout Office is a three-dimensional virtual online workplace that makes remote teams feel like they are physically together.  It makes spontaneous interactions easy and increases engagement creating faster and better decision making.  It is not another tool, it is a "place" that brings presence and stronger engagement back to virtual teams by giving remote team members instant access to everything (documents, applications and tools) and everyone (colleagues and clients) they need to be successful.  Businesses gain increased productivity and transparency.  Employees gain work flexibility and job satisfaction.

     Walkabout Office was created in 2015 by Buffalo native Antoinette Forth and her Tampa-based co-founder, Brad Richardson.  It is based upon an on-demand consultant marketplace they built in response to the regular face-to-face communication wanted by their consultants and their consulting clients. In fact, consulting clients became the first users of the virtual office platform.  Walkabout has used previous investment to build out functions and features in response to market and beta feedback and Version 1.0 of the virtual office is being beta tested among 4 diverse clients.  You can learn more at


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