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3AM Innovations

March 8, 2017: Patrick O'Connor, Founder

 Within the emergency first responder vertical, communication and accountability are the keys to safe and successful outcomes. Firefighters cite poor communication and accountability as the top areas where improvements can increase their safety, specifically when dealing with the 70% of the 1,129,250 firefighters in the USA today that are volunteers.

     Current methods used to communicate location and track those firefighters are inefficient and highly antiquated. Today's most common practice relies on a pair of dog tags; one clipped to the fire truck and the other given to the accountability officer and a hand held white board to sketch where they believe everyone is based on their last radio check-in.  This intermittent and user dependent communication method leads to a myriad of issues, none greater than when someone is believed to be safely out of the fire, but in fact they remain in danger and no one knows.

     FLARE was designed by Firefighters for Firefighters, with input from over 100 fire Chiefs surveyed in client discovery phase, 3AM is leveraging advanced technologies and methods never seen before in tracking systems. 3AM Innovations is pleased to announce it now has Non-Provisional Utility Patent(s) filed as of January 17th.  The company is now in full development with this innovative software and hardware, which will reach the market in November of this year.


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