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GapGrid, Inc.

May 10, 2017: Bill Irvine, CEO

     North American businesses suffered $700 Billion in losses from downtime of networks and digital services in 2016, most of which is from lost productivity. Data Center Knowledge reports that human error has surpassed equipment failure as the single largest cause of service interruptions. 
     Very recently, a new term has emerged, the "Digital Supply Chain." This refers to the thousands of software, infrastructure and platform as a service providers, as well as hundreds of other on-demand micro services used by digital products and connected devices. Every connected device from your Uber app to the cash register at Starbucks relies on several components of the digital supply chain.
     Offline supply chains, like that of auto manufacturing, have had decades to turn the logistics of a complicated supply chain into a science with mature software automation and a robust backchannel to communicate changes and issues. The digital supply chain is still very young, with no automation and an error-prone backchannel that's the leading cause of the human error factor in downtime.
     GapGrid, Inc. is building the automation the digital supply chain desperately needs. As the "Internet of Things" rises in dominance, and enterprises everywhere are moving to the cloud, the industry needs a reliable and frictionless way to remove the human error as a cause of downtime. GapGrid seeks to be that way.


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