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November 8, 2017: Derrick Parson, Founder/CEO


     Millennials are impacting the way companies and brands are doing business, especially when it comes to training. There has been a shift to incorporate technology to aid in trainings, such as new age Learn Management Systems, and the use of gamification in computer adapted modules to make it appealing. However, there is still a continued use of archaic training methods which do not speak directly to this demographic. The training industry stands at $70 billion with $2.1 billion, of outside products and services spent on mobile learning. Furthermore, by the year 2020 the workforce will be made up of roughly 55% millennials, and 75% by 2030. With the average cost to train a single employee at $1208 dollars, many businesses and brands are now seeking low cost ways to engage a demographic who are not only independent but see their mobile devices as an extension of themselves. GRASPIE™ is that way.

     GRASPIE™ is the first mobile engagement and learning platform for the millennial workforce. GRASPIE™ is a do it yourself (DIY) mobile learning platform that helps businesses engage, train, and reward their millennial employees, all from a smart phone or tablet. GRASPIE™ is designed with the business and the millennial employee in mind. GRASPIE™ allows employers to create amazing content for mobile devices, from scratch or by using editable compliance and business specific templates for quick use. With the focus of learning at the point of need, GRASPIE™ users can share it to colleagues, engage in discussions, check out stats and much more similar to powerful social apps used today. With GRASPIE™, create learning content anywhere and consume learning content everywhere. Please visit for more information.


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