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BetterBred, LLC

January 10, 2018: Natalie Green Tessier, Founder/CEO

       Breeds of both livestock and pets all have rapidly shrinking gene pools due to 150 years of modern breeding practices. They face alarming health and immune problems as a result. Breeders and farmers have lacked an easy way to help keep their breeds viable indefinitely.

     BetterBred LLC makes innovative online breeding software designed to support the sustainability of domestic breeds. We help lower health risks, increase immune function and enhance reproductive success in purebred dog breeds. We use results from simple DNA tests to analyze breeds, individual animals and potential breedings.

     Launched in June 2016, we have over 800 breeder members, 23% of whom are paying subscribers. We also have a 95% renewal rate for annual subscriptions. We work closely with researchers at the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab and will also resell their tests on our website starting in early 2018.

     With a combined 25 years of breeding experience, we attribute our success at recruiting and educating breeders to knowing how our subscribers think. We give them the tools to be conservationists of their breeds.

     Noble mission aside, the potential US market for our product in purebred dogs alone is $124 million. Horses comprise another $35 million market and cattle are nearly $2 billion. Having proven our product and bootstrapped our company to the revenue stage, we now seek to scale our company to reach these much larger markets.  Visit for more information.


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