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January 10, 2018: James Archer, Founder/CEO

      The numbers in the patient liability space associated with medical billing are staggering.  In 2017, $1.7T will be billed to insurance plans of which $258B will remain to be paid by patients.  $151B will go left uncollected and transferred to a collection agency or adjusted to bad debt.   These numbers continue to grow at 10% per year. 

     NOGGINTECHS is a predictive analytics company that utilizes BIG data, machine learning and process improvements to increase payment rates in the medical financial services market.  Utilizing our software called RAPTOR™; medical practices and hospital systems can expect to see an increase in payment rates by upwards of 25% or more.  The power of RAPTOR™ is rooted Champion/Challenger sample testing, account level propensity to pay scoring, and predictive analytics which allows us to build unique payment profiles from any revenue cycle management billing system.  This makes the NOGGINTECHS offering unique as we create and optimize financial treatment plans specific to how a patient segment pays the practice or hospital and not how they pay other debtors.  

     Those using Raptor™ can expect to see expense reductions in their billing operations as their patient base is transitioned to electronic billing and communication.  Our financial treatment planning tools also offer multiple payment options in conjunction with settlement offers.  Please visit for more information or to schedule a demo.


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