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Fill Education

March 7, 2018: Harry O'Malley, Co-Founder


     There are 55 million K-12 students in the United States and every one of them receives a math lesson every day.  20 million of these lessons do not result in the intended learning.  Currently, schools do not track the success or failure of these lesson delivery attempts, meaning reteach efforts are either non-existent or ineffective.

     Fill Education has designed software that allows teachers to quickly create and administer brief, daily assessments that test whether or not each of their students has retained the skill and knowledge that was taught two days prior.  Fill's software then integrates with the school's scheduling system to route students who failed to retain the learning into extra help classes the next day.

     Fill's method was first used in one grade level in one local school.  The end of year test results were so dramatically positive that the district now uses it in all grade levels in all of their schools.  We began offering Fill to other local districts in the last few months and have received positive traction, with 5 districts and 2 universities on board with pilots with the intention of purchasing for next year.

     There are 125,000 K-12 schools and 7,000 universities in the United States.  We are looking for funding to build the team that will get us a strong initial foothold in that market over the next two years.  Visit for more information.


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