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Vista View

March 7, 2018: Brendan McIntyre & Spencer McIntyre, Co-Founders


     In our increasingly busy society, missing out on important events due to other commitments is happening more and more. Whether it's parents traveling on business unable to attend a child's sporting event, families living out of town missing their loved one's awards ceremony, or other similar missed opportunities, people are often unable to be part of the events that mean most to them.

      As camera technology has evolved, the ability to cost effectively stream quality video feeds can open the door to events like never before. Vista View allows these cameras to be put into action, helping families, friends, and others take part in events in all new, inexpensive, and secure ways. 

      Vista View is a free software system that allows schools and facilities to effortlessly and securely stream footage of live events on the internet. For a small fee, customers can purchase live and downloaded event feeds, and 10-second clips for social media sharing. Coaches, scouts, and school/facility managers also benefit from the increased access to the event feeds. Facilities can add or upgrade as many cameras as they wish, whether it's in the gym, auditorium, or anywhere else they see a demand.

      Having obtained agreements from several area schools, athletic directors, and facilities, Vista View is poised to develop and roll out our system to this emerging marketplace. Contact co-founders Brendan McIntyre ([email protected]) and Spencer McIntyre ([email protected]) for more information.


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