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May 9, 2018: Brandon Burke, Director, Partnership Development

       The prosthetics industry is a billion dollar industry that leaves millions of amputees around the world underserved. 90% of amputees in the developing world have no access to a prosthetic device. In developed countries, companies focus their R&D dollars on high-end, expensive devices that cost $50k-100k that are not covered by insurance.

    LegWorks is a for-profit social enterprise revolutionizing access to high quality prosthetics for amputees around the world. We believe every amputee, no matter where they live, has the right to walk with confidence.

    We start with great design - our products are patented, innovative, high performing devices that can serve diverse patient populations. Our award-winning R&D team handles the design, through clinical trials, ISO-testing, regulatory procedures, manufacturing and quality control. To achieve the biggest impact and reach all patients, we use a tiered pricing model to distribute our products globally. Overall our blended profit margin allows us a healthy gross margin and long-term financial sustainability.

     With just $2.2M in seed funding, we have launched 3 products with FDA & CE Mark in place, built sales systems to handle 170+ customers in 28 countries, and reached 1,100 patients in 2 years. Our R&D team is in Toronto, and our sales and operations are run from Buffalo, NY. Visit for additional information.


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