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Eagle Hawk One, Inc.

September 12, 2018: Patrick Walsh & Will Schulmeister, Founders

     EagleHawk provides a revolutionary preventative maintenance solution for commercial buildings with flat roofs.  EagleHawk leverages drones equipped with advanced sensor technology to detect roof leaks and latent moisture issues that are not evident to the naked eye.  To our surprise, roof maintenance has proven to be both reactive and ineffective as over the past two years EagleHawk has inspected more than 300 buildings and has found that nearly 80% show evidence of leaking.  This a major problem as most are unaware to the extent their roof issues and roof replacements are often the single largest maintenance expense for facilities, which can cost millions of dollars for large buildings.  As a result, $8 billion a year is being spent on commercial roof repairs and replacements. 

     We see a huge opportunity to help facilities extend roof life and reduce maintenance costs through effective and affordable recurring inspections. The solution needs to go beyond just drone inspections and after taking the time to gain a better understanding of our customer's needs, we are developing an end-to-end, platform-as-a-service solution.  Our platform utilizes machine learning to improve data analytics, a web-based data management interface with smart visual cues, and an advanced mobile application to assist with post inspection diagnostics and repairs.

     EagleHawk is a LaunchNY Seed Fund portfolio company and a 43North Semifinalist.  EagleHawk has served more than 50 customers (85% repeat) including large universities and corporations.  Visit for information.


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