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September 12, 2018: Dan Roycroft, Co-Founder

      OpenBottle is a marketplace application that allows restaurants to make every bottle of wine they have available for by-the-glass servings, with zero risk, and provides consumers the ability to experience these amazing wines at price points and varieties like never before.  Consumers work together to share the price of a bottle by pre-purchasing portions of wine that restaurants list on the OpenBottle marketplace using our Reserve-A-Glass technology.  After purchasing their portion, all that is left to do is arrive at the restaurant, present the OpenBottle app generated "Guarantee of Sale", and receive/enjoy a glass(es) of awesome wine.  This provides an opportunity to experience any and all wines "by-the-glass" and eliminates the need to commit to an entire bottle.

     With the sale of wine between restaurants and consumers being a $14+ billion-dollar industry, expanding highly profitable by-the-glass wines sales immediately adds to a restaurant's bottom line and OpenBottle is driving significant additional sales for restaurants from increased consumer foot-traffic.  There are over 600,000 restaurants in the U.S. that fit OpenBottle's profile for target locations and millions of consumers that are looking to experience better quality wines.

     In the past four months we have attracted 165 OpenBottle consumers and we have worked with five local restaurants to complete 50 listings enabling the sale of 300 glasses of awesome wine that would normally never be offered by-the-glass. Go to to download the app.


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