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CoreHaptics, LLC

November 7, 2018: Tomas Henriques, Founder & CEO


     CoreHaptics offers the next generation of interfaces and game controllers for Entertainment, VR, Health Care, Education and Research. Our products enhance interactivity in game-based applications through the integration of haptics, motion and biometric feedback.

     Mainstream game interfaces are outdated, restricting motion to a few fingers and preventing realistic control. Our solution, the SPR1NG controller, introduces a new, highly interactive interface design that intuitively replicates how humans manipulate physical objects. It's the first device to feature the integration of force feedback, 3D hand-wrist driven motion and biometrics - a combination that will inspire game designers to create radically new game applications. Its ability to capture multi-sensory data also makes it a powerful new tool for health care research.

     The controller is compatible with PC games as well, which further expands its marketability. With current sales of third-party PC game controllers in the US reaching annual revenue of $170M, we see an opportunity to expand that market by providing gamers with what they want: more engaging and smarter interfaces for the age of VR and affective computing.

     CoreHaptics was a finalist at both the 2018 Startup University Demo Day at the National Council for Entrepreneurship and Tech Transfer (Consumer Products category), and at the 2017 NYS Business Plan Competition (Advanced Tech category). CoreHaptics has received funding from the SUNY Research Foundation and from the inventor.


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