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JP Food Trucks, LLC

November 7, 2018: Jamie Gutek & PJ Azzarella, Founders


     JP Food Trucks, LLC manufactures custom food truck and trailer solutions to culinary entrepreneurs who are looking to chase their restaurant ownership dreams without the extensive capital investment a brick and mortar restaurant would require.    JP Food Trucks works extensively with food truck operators to not only design a highly efficient food truck; it also provides state of the art air handling and comfort systems to reduce operating costs, lower labor costs and reduce transaction times, thus increasing profits.  JP Food Trucks will sell, modify, retool, clean and winterize food trucks on a local and national stage.  With a sales presence in Western New York, Northeast Ohio, Eastern Florida and Arizona, JP Food Trucks is positioning itself for continuous growth for years to come.

     The food truck industry has experienced exponential growth over the last five years. Some believe that the pattern will continue as others believe that the fad will die out.  What the data analysis is missing is that a food truck "renaissance" is starting and many of the food trucks in the market today will need to be retooled to provide new dishes to the public as consumer tastes and demands change and as restaurants test drive new potential menu items.  This is where multiple revenue stream opportunities exist.

     Jamie Gutek, Founder has personally built nearly 70 food trucks in the last 8 years.  His design and fabrication experience combined with PJ Azzarella's 25 years of strong financial management experience provides a framework for a sound business model positioned for solid growth.


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