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Grit Seed, Inc.

January 9, 2019: Raj Suchak, Co-founder


     Have you posted a job online to be inundated with resumes? How do you know which candidates to focus on? Many look at work experience and education but how do know if the candidate would do well if you hired her/him?

     Grit Seed is a talent acquisition platform that focuses on giving every candidate who applies a set of job related tasks to assess their fit for the role. Grit Seed used their own product to hire amazing diamonds from our community (roofers, manufacturing and fast food workers) and turned them into software developers! Grit Seed was founded by Raj Suchak who started Cloud62 with zero funding and grew it into a very profitable consulting company and sold it to a large publicly traded company.

     Grit Seed is well suited for entry level hires in all industries. For experienced hires, Grit Seed is focused on pre-canned assessments suited for specific jobs. With Grit Seed, you can even create your own questions, use videos, coding problems, write ups, Sudoku problems and more!

     Grit Seed takes 15 minutes to setup and can be tried with minimal changes to existing processes and integrates with all the major recruiting websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster and more. Most importantly, Grit Seed saves recruiters time and turns them into talent acquisition ninjas! 


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