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CaHill TECH, Inc. aQuiRe

May 8, 2019: Carley Hill, Founder/President

     The number one challenge facing construction companies across the Nation is workforce shortages. These shortages delay the strengthening of our utility grids, roadways and bridges. It affects safety, transportation costs and economic growth in both urban and rural communities.

     Our solution, aQuiRe©, is an app-based skill-sharing platform. A virtual video library forms the foundation of the system. These stories are told from the perspective of experienced trades people, captured live in a variety of field settings and scenarios. We create dynamic, engaging mini-documentaries on how to build, maintain, and survive in a trades-track career. aQuiRe© provides a daily log of mobile-accessible modules composed of real-time, authentic video, supplemental resources and quiz content. We use unique yet user-friendly delivery channels, facilitating essential skills and safety training. The system provides performance tracking and peace of mind for employers, risk managers and educators who strive for optimal safety standards and employee caliber.

     Exploring the aQuiRe© library and learning modules engenders the user with knowledge and job readiness. This virtual mentor/protégée platform breaks down the stigma of blue-collar careers; enabling the user to see how they can help strengthen their communities, our Nation and find a personal pathway to prosperity. The CaHill team has beta tested with public agencies, private companies and is currently piloting with CTE schools, construction firms and military organizations.  Visit for more information.


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