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Charmtech Labs LLC (Capti Voice)

May 8, 2019: Dr. Yevgen Borodin, CEO & Founder

      36M (66%) of U.S. K-12 students (77% in Buffalo public schools) read below grade level, and teachers cannot do much about it because they are overwhelmed by the diversity of needs and abilities in the classroom.

    Capti Voice is helping to level the playing field for students of all abilities by enabling teachers to: 1) assess students' foundational reading skills, 2) use actionable recommendations to improve those skills, 3) use personalized tools to help develop those skills over any content, and 4) provide reading accommodations - all on the same platform.

    The Company is focused on the $1B addressable U.S. K-12 market, with plans to eventually expand into corporate, HigherEd and consumer markets. Capti Voice has already exceeded revenue of $250k+ and is now used in 100+ schools (and colleges) across the U.S., as well as by 10k+ of consumers around the world. Learn more at

    Capti Voice was funded by $3.7M in SBIR grants and $500k seed round from private and institutional investors, including LearnLaunch Accelerator and ARC Capital. Capti Voice won several industry awards, including EdTech Digest's "Best Special Needs Solution," and it came close to winning the 2018 43North competition.

    The Company has signed an Erie One BOCES contract subsidizing NY public schools purchases with state aid. It has established several referral partnerships and is collaborating with UB. With several strategic partnerships in the works, Capti Voice is preparing to scale, and wants to do so in Buffalo, where it has been approved for a StartUpNY office space.


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