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Rora Systems, Inc.

November 13, 2019: William Reilly, Founder/CEO


     As technology continues to make its way into our lives, we are now witnessing a renewed focus on the home. Technology giants like Amazon and Google are showing us all the fantastic things our homes can do. This vision has been the unfulfilled promise of the Smart Home for the past several years. A key question no one is answering is who is going to install and support all of these new technologies in our home.

     Rora Systems is a technology company, founded on the principle of making technology consumable. With our combined backgrounds in IoT, Housing, and Network Automation, we are delivering the tools and technology for both home builders and home remodelers to be the go-to workforce in the birth of the Smart Home Services market.

     With our Smart-Home-as-a-Service solution, we empower this workforce to deliver simple, secure, smart home experiences. As a customer, you choose from our marketplace library the "Experience" you desire. With choices like: "Never coming home to a dark house again" or "Having my Kitchen tell me what I can make."  Our Home Automation System Integration Technology (HAS IT) platform allows us to do the heavy lifting of integrating the technologies to work as a solution. We then deliver these experiences as turnkey technology packages to our certified homebuilders and home-remodelers to be installed your home.


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