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VeriTX Corp

January 8, 2020: James Regenor, President

      VeriTX is a trusted marketplace for digital assets utilizing a platform-based business model to enable the aerospace digital supply chains of Industry 4.0 led by Col James Allen Regenor, USAf (ret). The enabling technologies are 3D Printing and Blockchain Provenance. By fusing technologies, VeriTX will enable production to move beyond the traditional four walls of a factory to a distributed network. VeriTX pushes the conversion of bits to atoms to the point of consumption and drives the nonvalue-added costs out of supply chains...shipping, packaging, warehousing, inventory management, and customs fees.

     Additionally, VeriTX enables rapid forensics in the event of a part malfunction or failure. VeriTX also leverages blockchain smart contracts and hashing for data and process integrity. In markets where the risk of counterfeit parts negatively impacting supply chains is high, VeriTX provides attestation of part integrity.

     Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing technology is changing how businesses interact. Margin pressures are driving traditional industrial companies to enter digital markets where cost of goods sold are minimized and operating margins are higher. Airlines are focused on up-time and VeriTX will enable airlines to increase up-time and reduce costs. VeriTX'sinitial market application is the aerospace vertical with medical & industrial following. VeriTX's business models are designed to have revenue streams from buying/selling of digital assets; buying/selling of physical parts; and Blockchain based maintenance/lease records subscription service (under development).

VeriTX unlocks the 4th Modality of Logistics...air, land, sea, and now Digital!  Learn more at


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