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May 13, 2020: Clement Alcala, Co-founder & COO

 CLIP is a New York based clean mobility startup co-founded in March 2018 by Somnath Ray and Clement de Alcala.  CLIP's core business is to Design, Build, and Market portable devices for bikes in collaboration with product firms, Custom Manufacturers and bike distributors.

CLIP is a fork-mounted portable e-motor device that upgrades any bicycle with 26" to 28" wheels into an e-bike. Using a 450W electric friction drive and a 180 Wh battery, CLIP delivers up to 30 to 45 minutes or close to 6 to 7 miles of assisted ride, easing long distance journeys and uphill climbs. Coupled with a Bluetooth-enabled boost control, users can easily toggle between unassisted and assisted operations.

Users can quickly and easily attach CLIP to the front wheel of a bike. Clip is lightweight (current version 4.5 lbs) and small enough to fit into a backpack, and is competitively-priced (about 1/6 the price of quality e-bike at $250-$300/unit). The battery recharges fully in an hour with a regular charger similar to computers'.

CLIP has won multiple awards and has received letters of intent from major bicycling organizations in Western New York and other metropolitan areas.  CLIP will be launched in the summer of 2020.

Visit for more information and to see videos of the product and CLIP's story.


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