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STC Sound Control

May 13, 2020: Paul Battaglia, Founder & President

 STC's unique noise control products are simple, cost-effective and high performing for developers and architects. And perhaps more importantly, they help customers' and end-users' acoustical comfort-fixing issues from complaining hotel guests to office workers desperate for a little privacy.

Unique products from STC Sound Control are game-changers for building construction that offer low cost, high performance, and simplicity. Our current product line significantly reduces noise from footfalls in floor construction; eliminates sound flanking through recessed outlets; reduces reverberant noise; and stops sound flanking at the joint between mullions and partitions.

STC offers the best acoustically-performing products, empirically verified, versus current competitors.

All products are lower cost alternatives, with some being very significantly lower.  All products meet or exceed the strict building codes.

STC's products are produced and shipped by an established Western New York manufacturer and generate significant margins.  Visit for additional information.


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