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September 16, 2020: Jon DeWald, CEO and Co-Founder

 HELIXintel is the first B2B marketplace for equipment operators to purchase aftercare services from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their authorized network. We've seamlessly integrated this marketplace with free maintenance management software.  

The $176 billion U.S. B2B building technologies maintenance industry is friction-laden and inefficient. Two-thirds of equipment operators are using antiquated systems to track their maintenance and their service purchase process is highly fragmented. As a result, most operators aren't performing the proper maintenance on their equipment, which leads to significantly higher costs of ownership. OEMs are best suited to service this equipment and are eager for additional aftercare business, since it has 2.5x the margins of new equipment sales. However, due to high costs of capture for maintenance contracts, OEMs are disconnected from most customers who have purchased their equipment.  

HELIXintel is the solution. Our free software platform unifies maintenance tracking with first-of its-kind optimization and purchasing features, helping equipment operators save cash, time and energy. Meanwhile, we serve as an extension of OEMs' sales teams. They receive new revenue with little or no additional sales team costs and a simplified and streamlined quoting and fulfillment process.  

We have a team with more than 30 years of high-performing OEM aftercare sales experience, a functioning product, transactions on our platform and OEM partners with nearly 20,000 pursuable accounts. To learn more, please visit  


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