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Verivend, Inc.

September 16, 2020: Jon Ebel Co-Founder

 Verivend is a B2B fintech that decreases the friction of invoicing and payments, reduces risks when transacting with new partners, and increases trust in buyer-supplier relationships. Founded by industry veterans from the transportation, commodities, SaaS, and B2B marketplace industries, Verivend provides the fastest and most secure way for businesses to transact.

B2B payments in the United States is a $20Tr+ market, with small and medium-sized businesses representing $9Tr+ in annual transactions. 50% of payments are still made by paper check and over 13% of payments are trapped in "trade credit" - the net amount owed to suppliers for services and products provided on any given day.

In addition, time and resources are required to monitor, manage, and realize a business's cash flow; uncertainty of creditworthiness and past performance lead to risks in business transactions; and strategic buyer-supplier relationships are difficult to establish.

Verivend's platform solves these challenges by:

- Empowering suppliers to gain predictability and reliability of cashflow, reducing late payments and receivable challenges.

- Allowing buyers to build reputations based on their transaction and payment histories, increasing trust and reducing the risk in business transactions.

-Enabling buyers & suppliers to form strategic partnerships and collaborate with a higher level of confidence.

To date, Verivend has on-boarded nearly 20 early adopters from a variety of industries and processed over $3Mn in payments for our customers. For more information, please visit


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