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Mentor Deck

May 12, 2021: Jonathan Gorczyca, Founder

Mentor Deck is a Buffalo based software company that's created the world's leading platform for organizing, connecting, scheduling and measuring the quality of mentor networks. Mentor Deck enables individuals to level-up exponentially faster than those without access to the right advice.


Users such as accelerators and incubators, business ecosystem leaders, investors, business managers and educators use Mentor Deck to create a curated collection of trusted and qualified mentors. Deck administrators can filter and search their "deck" and efficiently share the right mentors with portfolio companies, a group of entrepreneurial students, or employees early off in their careers to accelerate their growth. Mentor Deck automates the tedious (and often forgotten) tasks of writing introductions, synching calendars, and capturing the quality and impact of mentoring meetings.


Experience has shown that large networks are diluted and opaque - quantity over quality. Mentor Deck is a platform that creates regular, intimate interactions with tight networks of people. Small circles, big impact. Mentoring is the leading mechanism that incubators, accelerators, and investors employ to add value to their portfolio companies. 88% of VC's meet with their founders at least once per week!


Having proven market interest in the Western New York startup ecosystem through the and early customers like Techstars, we're now scaling up our customer acquisition and product teams in order to deliver a next-level solution that allows mentors and mentees to quantitatively and qualitatively understand their effectiveness.


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