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November 10, 2021: Favio Osorio and David Gonzalez, Co-founders

 Arbol is a two-sided market network that uses technology, finance, and the power of the crowd to enable striving Students of low socioeconomic backgrounds to obtain the financial and community support they need by connecting them with their biggest supporters online. We provide Online Supporters the transparency, impact, and personal connection they seek. Like a living ecosystem, our social platform provides an online community for all parties to connect, transact, and interact.

Only 25% of online-only first-time contributors are retained for more than a year. Often times online supporters make a one-time contribution to a campaign and never get to see where their money goes or how it made an impact. Online Supporters are frustrated with the existing giving options and are left with no personal connection to whoever they contributed to. Arbol solves this problem by providing search functionality based on filters, access to funding, professional advice and mentoring, notifications and updates from students, access to analytics and progress reports and engagement among students and Supporters.

Arbol has huge demand with a waitlist of 4,000+ students and 100+ Supporters and established partnerships with nationally known organizations like the Urban League.

Arbol is founded by an experienced team of crowdfunding experts, social impact veterans, startup operators, software developers and of course, first generation college students.

Visit to learn more about Arbol.  Arbol has launched a crowdfunding campaign at to finish development of the product, release a beta and bring on full-time engineering staff.


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