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January 12, 2022: Adam Utley, PhD, Founder

Immunaeon is a Buffalo-based patient advocacy organization that provides educational resources about the growing applications of immunotherapy for patients and their families. The Company is also building an infrastructure to store cells that make up a person's immune system for future use against potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Immunaeon's team of biomedical experts works with clients to extract, analyze, and store their body's immune cells using a safe and painless blood draw. Company lab technicians perform a quantitative analysis of each immune cell subset that allow the client and their physician to determine the current status of the client's overall immune system. These stored healthy immune cells are stored in liquid nitrogen in the Company's facility and are available if needed for use in various FDA-approved cell-based immunotherapies that can help patients fight cancer using their own healthy immune cells.

The Immunaeon team has a breadth of medical and business expertise including Tumor Immunology, T cell adoptive therapy, healthcare, banking, insurance and startups, board certification in internal medicine, managing data centers, migration to cloud storage and safeguarding personal health information, and digital and traditional marketing.

The Company is the 2020 winner of the University at Buffalo's Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition and is receiving mentorship and funding through the University at Buffalo Cultivator program.  

Immunaeon is now providing consultations and accepting orders for cell collection, analysis and storage. Visit for more information or to contact the Company.


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