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Paradigm of NY, LLC

March 9, 2022: John Erblad, Founder/CEO

 Paradigm designs and manufactures diesel emissions controls which decarbonize diesel emissions. Customers save money on engine maintenance and diesel fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Estimated CO2 reduction is 200 million tons annually.

Diesel engines are efficient, reliable sources of power with 40 million in use worldwide. But diesel engines produce dirty emissions which causes green-house gases and human disease. Government mandates require emissions control devices to mitigate the negative effects of diesel emissions. The global market for these devices is $208 Billion annually. In addition, particulate matter (PM) in diesel emissions clogs up expensive engine components and sensors, causing engine maintenance problems, wasted diesel fuel and engine downtime.

The PARADIGM Plasma System is a novel patented device which decarbonizes diesel engine emissions. Up to 98% of PM soot is removed from emissions during customer trials. This saves money on maintenance and fuel, reduces CO2, improves engine uptime and provides a 1.5-year customer payback.

Paradigm sells retrofit devices to vehicle fleets with four fleets currently purchasing these devices. We also work with OEM companies to engineer our technology into their products and two development projects are in process.

Paradigm has a world class management team with 170+ years of experience, supported by a strong advisory board.

Paradigm's current seed round is raising $1M with approximately $500K raised to date. Visit for more information about the company.


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