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March 9, 2022: Benjamin Zombek, Founder/CEO

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 15% of the world's population suffers from migraines. These migraines cause individuals' pain, discomfort, and disability; missing work, family, and memorable events. This affects lives personally and financially, amounting to $31B in economic loss and over $5B spent on migraine treatments annually. Current migraine medication can help treat the symptoms of chronic migraines, but migraine sufferers continue to resort to cooling therapy (ice packs) as an additive method to solve their discomfort. That's where KHIO by Prolivio comes in!

KHIO is a hyper cooling wearable headband for individuals suffering from migraines that are looking for on-the-go cooling therapy and to gain a better understanding of their condition. The app-connected KHIO headband system is comfortable, fashionable, and effective in delivering cooling therapy to targeted areas of the forehead. The rechargeable headband uses a patent-pending cooling design to provide adjustable, personalized cooling for over an hour per session while being portable enough to put in a purse or coat pocket. The KHIO mobile app allows the wearer to control their desired level of cooling, log migraine attacks, track potential triggers and help tailor their lifestyle to prevent future headaches.

As a proud member of NextCorps and the Western NY start-up community, KHIO is looking to bring new jobs and manufacturing to the area. The company is seeking funding for production tooling, inventory, testing, and continued software development in preparation for Q4 2022 launch. KHIO - Powerful. Cooling. Comfort. Visit for more information.


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