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Jib Sheet

May 11, 2022: David Franco, Founding Partner & CEO

 Jib Sheet - David Franco, Founding Partner and CEO

Jib Sheet offers best-in-class Graphic design, website development and copywriting services at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional agencies by connecting businesses and pre-vetted freelance creatives.

Agencies are expensive and freelance marketplaces suffer from poor communication and are unreliable. Jib Sheet is leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to offer businesses the expertise (they need) at the marketplace prices (they deserve). Jib Sheet's AI automates and enhances communication between the customer and the creative talent.  Jib Sheet takes a fee for its service while still paying the talent an amount that is way above the national average. This means less money invested from the business, more money paid to the talent and even some left over to donate.

Jib Sheet's founders built and operate a successful traditional marketing agency that over 5 years has built hundreds of brands, developed countless pages across the web and engaged with numerous entrepreneurs and their teams.  The company has downloaded this expertise into its AI and is committed to building better. Jib Sheet continues to illustrate product-market fit with initial traction across users, talent, and industry partners. The crew is raising a $2m seed.


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