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Revival: Pharm. Lab. Market

May 11, 2022: Armond June & Charles Paglione, Co-founders

Revival: Pharm. Lab. Market. ("Revival) plans to be the first minority, physician-led cannabis microbusiness in Western New York. In 2021, the Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act ("MRTA") was passed, creating NY's first adult-use cannabis program, and establishing a market expected to generate over $1.23 billion in annual sales by 2023, and $4 billion by 2027. NY's forward-thinking, action-based social equity program has created an emerging market ripe with opportunity for small businesses to enter the industry. Revival will enter the market at its onset, and as one of Western NY's premier vertically-integrated craft cannabis operations.

Revival envisions a cannabis industry that is driven by quality craft products produced by all communities, for all communities. Founded on principles of community education and revitalization, Revival was created to craft fine, high-quality flower and bring products to market in a safe, sustainable, and responsible way. At Revival, we're curating a space for education, connection, and culture and style to flourish. 

Our team's passion for science, community, and belief in the life-changing benefits of cannabis fits harmoniously with our mission to help create a better cannabis industry. Significant experience in science and medicine, community engagement, and cannabis operations demonstrate our business is well equipped for success in the burgeoning adult-use market. Located in the Queen City, REVIVAL is an expression of our community, our values, and our future.


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