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September 14, 2022: Jack Sardinia, Co-founder/CEO

Over 30% of gift cards are never redeemed. Americans are holding on to over $21B in unused gift cards. Corporations send out millions in gift cards to customers and prospects with no insight into whether those gift cards were redeemed or how much of their gifting budget was wasted. Favordrop solves this problem.

With our patent around the "bounce back", all unused Favordrops return to the sender at the expiration date to be re-used on the platform to whomever and wherever the sender chooses. For corporations this eliminates all gifting waste, while also increasing the touch points with their customers base by over 200%. A core mission of Favordrop is to drive corporate gifting to local merchants. To date, Favodrop already has the likes of Northtown Auto, Walsh Duffield Insurance, Basil Automotive, Trusted Nurse Staffing and Howard Hanna Real Estate using Favordrop as their gifting platform. We are also approaching 50 local merchants on the platform as well. Going into 2023 our plan is to scale to over 30 corporations and 200 merchants in WNY...then move on to our next city of choice! 


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