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Peeva, Inc.

November 9, 2022: Michael Hamilton, Founder & CEO

Peeva is the first and only universal pet microchip identification system, central microchip registry, and unified database of electronic medical records for pets. Peeva is making microchip scanning part of the standard daily procedure for thousands of pet care professionals. A simple scan of a microchip makes the transfer of vital health information quick and easy while instantly notifying pet owners of their pets' live location. Peeva is the first and only company to read, record, analyze and catalog any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer. Peeva fully integrates with the leading Electronic Health Records Software veterinarians already have in place.

More than 10 million pets enter U.S. shelters each year and 1 in 3 family pets will get lost. Without ID, 90 percent of lost pets will not return home. In the US, there is no standardization between competing microchip companies, and this has led to a lack of scanning, and as a result, lost and stolen pets are seldom recovered.

Peeva has more than 2 million pet owner records in its database and has signed up more than 20,000 paying customers. The Peeva team includes experience in business development, mergers & acquisitions and private equity, veterinary medicine, and software and electrical engineering. Visit for more information.



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