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January 11, 2023: David Gonzalez & Favio Osorio, Co-Founders

Arbol is a financial wellness platform that empowers colleges to build financially capable and resilient students. Despite losing $6.9B per year from financially challenged dropouts, college admins lack the bandwidth and expertise to help students overcome financial barriers to graduation.

Arbol offers a platform for students to connect their accounts to track their financial activity, budget and receive insights that empower them to make healthy financial decisions and minimize financial disruptions, while providing college admins with data to assess the financial health of their campus, identify the financial vulnerable and intervene early on, before the financial disruption occurs.

Last year, 100 students and 15+ admins across 4 colleges participated in a series of pilots. This led to students reporting better command and less anxiety towards their personal finance, and college admins a strong interest in accessing data at a campus-level scale to improve early intervention and programming, alongside supporting students with financial tools.

The company currently has 3 colleges signed up with 8 more in the pipeline with a path to $1M+ ARR with delivery of key product features this coming Fall 2023.

D´╗┐avid Gonzalez, Co-Founder & CEO previously led operations at Kangarootime, helping grow the business 14X ARR. Favio Osorio, Co-Founder & President is a personal finance guru who established multi-cultural banking at M&T Bank.

Arbol is raising a $1.5M seed round and has raised $300K previously from UB Cultivator, Launch NY and local angels. Learn more at


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