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January 11, 2023: Jeff McCormack, Co-Founder & CEO

Iryss was founded by Jeff McCormack, a former healthcare research analyst and financial advisor, and Garnet Heraman, a serial entrepreneur and fintech venture capitalist. Iryss' vision is to create a platform that offers EVERYONE equitable access to a future without financial fear.

Unfortunately, 92% of chronically ill patients live in financial fear. There are two sources for this fear: (1) current medical bills; and (2) the unknown future costs of care. This financial anxiety affects over 130 million Americans and leads to productivity loss for employers and bad debt on self-pay bills at hospitals. Financial anxiety of a chronic illness leads to over $65 billion in annual costs for employers and the health system.

Iryss' solution is a personal finance platform that can help families affected by a chronic medical condition reduce financial stress, using predictive analytics to forecast the future cost of care and identify savings opportunities.

Iryss has recruited Thuan Pham to join as Chief Technology Officer. Thuan was the Chief Architect of iCardiac, which was acquired in 2017.

Iryss's sales pipeline is growing 67% month-over-month. The company has an agreement with Wilmot Cancer Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center and has executed a letter-of-intent with Benefit Resources, a regional benefits platform that distributes ancillary benefits to over 350,000 employees. Visit for more information.


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