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March 8, 2023: Reagan Bonlie, Founder & CEO

Financial institutions reserve their best services to the wealthiest Americans, which excludes roughly 70% of the US population (143MM) from quality financial guidance. Traditional financial planning services are very expensive, have technology gaps, and professionals are not equipped to serve more people. This lack of access contributes to the widening wealth gap, and leaves millions of individuals vulnerable and under-banked.

NUDGE is committed to solving these financial wellness inefficiencies with deep tech. The product is a client-centric financial planning technology that empowers customers to take control of the process. It bridges the technology gaps and use AI/ML to automate the analysis and enhance client engagement. By doing so, financial institutions are able to extend their financial planning services on a much larger scale, with greater efficiency. Financial institutions are eager to use NUDGE because they will greatly benefit from cross-selling opportunities while fulfilling their community reinvestment obligations.

The executive team leverages their 67 years of combined experience and contacts to ensure success. NUDGE presents a unique and captivating solution to a very particular problem amongst financial institutions. While financial planning software is a rapidly growing $1.22B market (14% CAGR), NUDGE provides an ancillary solution with integrations to capture more than this market. The team is confident that the healthy traction will allow NUDGE to unlock the full potential of this untapped emerging market.

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