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November 8, 2023: Amy Gurske, Founder/CEO

Sayhii, an enterprise B2B SaaS platform, is revolutionizing business continuity, the future of people is here. What if just one question a day could unlock an improved sense of belonging, increased productivity, and higher employee retention? Now it can.

Think of sayhii as a personal coach for every single employee in your organization. sayhii listens and learns, giving your team the individual and organizational insights they need to become more connected to one another, more productive alone, and more joyous every day. A people platform for the future, available today. sayhii activates every individual each month with something to do, something to try and a point of context for how they fit into the organization and culture. sayhii learns each of your people as individuals. And then, continues to activate them as they grow in the organization.

For the organization, sayhii is the first real-time data platform that can predict and address issues before they become an operational-halting event. All by saying hi once a day.

sayhii has a growing list of small and large direct clients along with several channel partners to extend its sales and services reach.  sayhii is well positioned for rapid growth in the engagement/wellness/experience/coaching markets.

sayhii has an accomplished team with experience in SaaS, generative ai, software platform development, industrial psychology, and sales.  The Company is currently building out extensions of its platform necessary to expand market reach and achieve important value creation milestones. Visit for more information.


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