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Comprehend PT

January 10, 2024: Jake Michalski, CEO

Comprehend PT is a HIPAA-compliant AI medical scribe company, helping Physical Therapists eliminate manual documentation. This innovative tool transcribes clinician-patient encounters in real-time, generating accurate and detailed medical notes based on the dialogue.

Physical therapists traditionally devote about 33% of their day to documentation, a process often fraught with errors and inefficiencies. Comprehend PT's solution enables therapists to focus on better patient care or seeing more clients.

The company experienced a surge in demand following its successful launch at the American Physical Therapy Association event in November of 2023. This exposure significantly boosted Comprehend PT's market visibility, leading to an overwhelming surge in interest. To ensure the continuation of their high-quality customer service and smooth onboarding process, the company introduced a waitlist and pilot program. The demand wasn't limited to customers alone; Electronic Medical Record companies were also quick to recognize the value of partnering with Comprehend PT, culminating in the launch of a Chrome Extension Integration on January 1st.

With a team comprised of experts from startup, AI, and medical backgrounds, Comprehend PT is well-prepared for substantial growth in the first quarter of 2024. The company has committed to expanding its reach with the announcement of 2 official EMR partnerships to over 185,000 existing users, building on its already strong customer pipeline of over 15,000 potential users. Visit to learn more!


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