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Dimien, Inc.

March 13, 2024: Doug Buerkle, CEO

     Dimien, Inc. is a lithium battery company operating in Buffalo, NY.  Our technology is: high energy density, low-cost and extremely safe (as proven recently by Nobel laureate, Stan Whittingham). We've made thousands of prototype batteries and have rapidly advanced our technology and customer relationships. We have an aggressive plan that calls for early revenue in about 2 years (selling high value batteries to DoD beachhead customers through manufacturing partners).

     Dimien's technology and plan aligns with several of the critical needs/trends happening in Li-batteries:

1. Auto OEMs want better battery unit economics... packs made with Dimien's cathode material promise 55% higher energy density at 15% lower cost.

2. Battery OEMs would like a more resilient supply chain and to eliminate critical minerals like cobalt. This need is especially acute for defense opportunities. Our starting materials are earth-abundant and can be sourced domestically, avoiding critical materials.

3. Battery customers want technologies that are compatible with existing manufacturing processes and that are "future-proof." Dimien's technology is drop-in ready and can help accelerate the introduction/adoption of other advanced technologies promising further step changes in cost and/or performance.

     Dimien’s CEO has participated in the launch and financing of 20+ startup companies, its’ CTO has 15+ years’ experience leading materials development and scale-up and its’ VP led a $70 million effort to establish a US lithium-ion manufacturing facility.

     Successful achievement of Dimien’s targeted milestones is expected to lead to a substantial value inflection/possible early exit. The Company is currently a featured opportunity on the LaunchNY Investor Network.


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