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May 8, 2024: Brian Bischoff, President

Copprium manufactures innovative conductive copper inks used in printable electronics manufacturing. Our mission is to position ourselves at the forefront of the conductive ink industry by making inks that are strong electrical performers, cost-effective, eco-friendly, easy to use, and ready for innovative applications.

Copprium’s advancements in material science overcome the historical challenges of copper-based inks and the high cost of silver inks. Our nanotech inks are formulated with copper nanoparticles to provide better conductivity, solderability, shelf-stability and resistance to corrosion across a broad range of commercial electronics applications. Our molecular-based inks provide the same performance in a ZeroParticle® formulation. Electronics manufacturers use our conductive inks to streamline production processes, reduce costs, and improve product performance. Sustainability and cost-effectiveness define our inks, offering a viable substitute for silver—700 times more abundant and cheaper.

Leveraging our patented technology, Copprium’s flagship product family exemplifies our low-temperature sintering capability; perfect for high conductivity and heat-sensitive applications. With two more innovative product families in development, Copprium is well-positioned in a growing $3.8 billion market increasingly seeking alternatives to silver-based inks.

Copprium has successfully secured $200K in non-dilutive funding and $100K in dilutive funding to establish a lab and start the commercialization effort. Our dynamic hard tech team is well versed in material science and products for OEMs.

Copprium’s solutions address critical industry challenges such as cost, availability, and corrosion, while setting new performance standards across the board. Visit to learn how our innovations make todays electronics better and pave the way for future technologies.


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